Ben, next run ?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jul 12 00:52:03 EDT 2010


> First of all, do you plan to make more Bens or do you think the
> existing stock will be sufficient until the Ya is ready ? Or is it
> too early to ask this question ?

We started selling in mid-February, after about 5 months we have sold
about 850 from the first batch of 1000. Actually a great success so far,
even though nobody, including our phenomenal distributors, can even recover
their costs at these volumes...
The speed of sales is very uneven, basically it sells whenever there are
news. Without news sales slow down to a few a week. Software progress is
great, I hope it continues that way, and we need to see whether we can
make some interesting stories out of that...

Will the 150 remaining ones be enough until Ya sells? Don't know. I don't
expect Ya to sell until well into next year. So maybe we make another
1000 Ben NanoNotes first, and focus on improving documentation, software,
growing the distributor network - maybe get a few more journalists
to cover the project? That would also give us more time for Ya.

> If there are to be more Bens, do you plan to make them identical to
> the existing ones or would you want to make changes ? In the latter
> case, what kind of changes from the current design would be
> possible or desirable ?

Definitely identical. Zero changes.

> E.g., would you be comfortable with PCB layout changes ? BOM
> changes ? Keyboard layout changes ? Even case layout changes ?
> Would hardware changes that also require software changes be
> acceptable ?

All for Ya, including the Ya small runs/RC runs that we can hopefully
hack into Ben cases...

> Are there perhaps any changes that are already planned ?

We are collecting Ya feedback here
I have added a link to your mail already, thanks a lot for all the
specific feedback about better test points and layout!


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