Ben, next run ?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jul 12 01:30:55 EDT 2010

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> The speed of sales is very uneven,

Predicting the future is always a messy thing :-)

> Definitely identical. Zero changes.

Ah, pity. A few layout changes could have been helpful for
prototyping possible Ya features already in the Ben.

> All for Ya, including the Ya small runs/RC runs that we can hopefully
> hack into Ben cases...

BTW, how much flexibility will there be for the Ya case ? Will
it have to be identical or are tooling/postprocessing changes
feasible ?

> We are collecting Ya feedback here

Yeah, I saw the list of the hundred "hard work" features :-)
I'll post comments to a few of them to the list.

> I have added a link to your mail already,

Thanks !

- Werner

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