Ya: expansion bay idea

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Jul 12 18:16:40 EDT 2010

Carlos Camargo wrote:
> the TPs are very smalls and are located around the board.

Heh, there seems to be an educational opportunity - learning (or
teaching) how to solder "small" things without fear :)

I agree on the placement, though. The wiring of something even as
simple as IDBG looks quite messy, and I don't want to think of
what sort of interferences and mechanical stress these long wires
may pick up.

> but include more signals, like data, address & control buses.

Whoa ! That's a lot of stuff. What kind of thing would need all
that ? I'd also be a bit worried about the risk of increasing the
capacitative load on these high-speed signals to the point where
you'd have to slow down the memory bus.

I like the idea of using the battery area as an overflow space.

- Werner

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