XILINX FPGA Kicad component converter

Adam Wang adam at sharism.cc
Mon Jul 12 23:01:58 EDT 2010

Hi Andres,

> I added a python script to create Kicad components  from IBIS files.
> The IBIS files are available for  DDR DRAM and the Micrel ethernet
> phy.
> My scripts are still very primitive, but it can be used.

Nice to hear from you started to integrate Milkymist SoC & Elphel 353 camera.
I don't understand the IBIS files. But still feel great that you tried
to use python script to create components.

> Where I find Werner's scripts?

If I am correct, the gta02-core svn is at
Under here, you can see there are plenty of stuffs of KiCad files for
gta02-core project. Including useful scripts.

Hi Werner,
If I was wrong, please correct me and . Thanks.

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