3D Scanning

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 16:25:35 EDT 2010

I have a friend who is a Solidworks guru.
As a favor, I've asked him to have a look
at the test scans, and maybe render one as PDF

he is travelling right now, so this will not happen instantly

new topic

Werner's idea to add an opening that normally
(out of factory) has a filler plat snapped in has
great merit IMO.

I believe that will require a new
mold for one piece of plastic (the bottom).

Let;s consider at the same time increasing the vertical depth
of the bottom half of the nanonote case, to allow greater freedom for
adding PCB(s).

yes, this will make the Nanonote thicker, but has the nice
side effect that no other pieces of the case need to change.

although 3d printing is far too expensive for volume, it would
be practical to fab some small quantity as an alpha test.

Ron K. Jeffries

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 13:01, Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org> wrote:
> Llu?s Batlle i Rossell wrote:
>> Those files include only the 'points', but not the triangulation (so
>> what points make a triangle).
> I think the DXF and the STL files have the mesh, the STL even with
> normals. In any case, the point cloud is very regular. It's basically
> a regular X/Y grid, plus the altitude at which the scanner hit the
> object. The only complication is that points where it didn't hit
> anything are omitted.
>> I'll try to work on that (with more accurate scans) once having a nanonote
>> at hand.
> Perfect ! I'll keep on scanning for now in case you run into any
> snags, but you'll probably have much better results. Are there any
> parts where you'd expect difficulties with your scanner ?
> - Werner
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