vertical space (was Re: 3D Scanning)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jul 14 06:12:57 EDT 2010

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Let;s consider at the same time increasing the vertical depth
> of the bottom half of the nanonote case, to allow greater freedom for
> adding PCB(s).

Hmm, it'a already fairly thick compared to the other dimensions.
Another way to get more space would be to reduce the size of the
main PCB.

The total vertical space available at the moment is quite large,
so most modern components - including many connectors - should

You can also tweak things a little to save space. For example,
I used the following techniques for IDBG:

- use of a thin PCB. At the DIY electronics corner shop, you'll
  typically find PCBs with a thickness of 1.6 mm. For such a
  small board, 0.8 mm are more than sufficient. They're a little
  harder to obtain, but they exist. You can even find bare PCBs
  as thin as 0.4 mm.

- use of a mid-mounted component. The USB receptacle is not
  mounted above the board but it rests in a hole in the board,
  saving 1.25 mm of precious height.

  See also

- case modding. The whole assembly was still a little too thick
  to fit. So I dug a hole for the top of the connector:

Most of this could also be applied to other designs.

- Werner

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