Open Hardware Creative Commons Draft

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Wed Jul 14 11:58:22 EDT 2010


Thanks for letting us know!

There's just one thing which surprises me:

> OSHW Draft Definition 0.3 is based on the Open Source Definition for
> Open Source Software and draft OSHW definition 0.2

but while I see an almost exact quotation of most parts of the Debian
Free Software Guidelines, they are not mentioned.

Not that it's a problem, there's no attribution required for them, and I
certainly do like them, so it's good to base something on them.  I'm
just surprised there's no mention anywhere.

Anyway, this is an important step IMO.  I'm happy I don't have to take
it, since I don't like reading licenses, let alone write them, but it
must be done.

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