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> > Mandatoty signals: GND, VCC,
> > usb (2) SD(7) Audio(6) keyboard (16)
> Even if the whole power/charging circuit lives in the bottom shell,
> don't you also need some control signals, plus +VBUS for ADIN0 ?

You're right we need to include these signals.

> USB also needs USBDET, plus, when adding USB host, another pair of
> D+/D-. By the way, how would USB host be supplied with power ? How
> have you done it in SAKC ?

The Ya CPU 4760 have OTG USB, we need to make some test on 4760 reference
board first, in AVT2 board, one BEN variant, we use a DC/DC converter for
USB host power supply. SAKC use 4725, this chip has usb device only

> Perhaps the keyboard's voracity could be contained a little by
> adding some multiplexer or even an MCU dedicated to just keyboard
> handling.

I like the idea of using a little MCU so, the people can create different
interfaces, push buttons, capacitive, etc, so we must provide 3 or 4 lines
for ISP.

> The current on VCC and GND may also be too large for that FPC,
> requiring either multiple traces, or an additional FPC/cable.


> That's already quite a lot of stuff and it doesn't even include
> the signals we'd want to run to the new peripherals we'd want to
> be able to add :-(

We can use two tapes, one for basic operation and another one for hardware
hackers, but it depends of how easy is change the current case.

> If Wolfgang can get the new CPU in an MCP with stacked RAM and
> (evil) NAND, the routing should also get a bit easier.
> yes, data, address and control buses are difficult to route if you have two
or three memories.

> Being able to modify the keyboard would be very interesting
> indeed. Even better if you get to play with the whole board
> underneath too. Metal domes of the right kind seem to be
> available to the public, e.g.,

Great!!! in this case we can replace the entire layout for custom

> One problem would be that the MicroSD holder probably still has
> to go under the keyboard. (Unless you move it into the LCM shell
> as well.)

As I said, It depends, if we can make little changes on case I prefer have
the microSD holder into LCM shell


> - Werner
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