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nebajoth nebajoth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 19:36:36 EDT 2010

How about using the Qi button as a Compose key?  This would kill two
birds with one stone. :P  I've been toying around with keymaps quite a
bit lately, and this has occurred to me as well.

On 07/14/2010 06:13 PM, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I find the keyboard layout pretty nice for such a small device.
> However, I think a few improvements could be made:
> - consider removing the Qi button. There are several reasons for this.
>   First of all, it may tempt developers into actually using it,
>   immediately creating an application that can only be ported to
>   platforms that have a similar vanity button. Second, I doesn't seem
>   to do anything right now anyway. (But see below.) Third, once it's
>   gone, you can ...
> - enlarge the space bar. Not only does it feel weird to have it so
>   small, but it also stops acting as a visual reference on the
>   keyboard.
> - are arrow-A (raised "o"), arrow-S (horizontal ":"), arrow-D (EUR),
>   and arrow-comma (the non-ASCII "'") really necessary ? I.e., if
>   turning them into dead-keys so that an accented "e" could be typed
>   as arrow-comma followed by E, would that be more convenient than
>   the common apostroph followed by E ?
> - remove Caps Lock
> - we still have a lot of modifiers. The arrow could disappear with
>   the following changes:
>   - remove the blue digits
>   - send <, >, and ~ to the 1st or 2nd row
>   - push everything that's red now in the Q and A rows down one row
>   - use the ten buttons of the Q row for red-1 through red-0
>   - remove the arrow and color fn red
>   - maybe better, use blue instead of red. At least I find the blue
>     much easier to read under dim light than the red.
>   - if marketing insists on a vanity button, resurrect it where the
>     red arrow has been
>   Note that an extra modifier could be put to use for "Compose" or
>   "Cycle". Compose would be an alternative to dead-keys. Instead of
>   ['] wait [E] -> accented e, you'd hold [Compose], then type [']
>   [E], release [Compose]. Cycle would be the cell-phone-like
>   cycling through a list of characters. E.g., when pressing [E]
>   while holding [Cycle], you'd get e-acute, e-aigu, e-grave, etc.
> - maybe send "= +" somewhere else (with Caps Lock dead, we now
>   have room in the 2nd row) and enlarge Enter
> I think it could also be desirable to get rid of the function keys,
> to keep the keyboard more compact and more regular, but I haven't
> figured out how, without either bringing back a modifier or making
> more drastic changes, such as rearranging the cursor keys.
> - Werner
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