vertical space (was Re: 3D Scanning)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Jul 14 21:20:29 EDT 2010

Carlos Camargo wrote:
> The Ya CPU 4760 have OTG USB, we need to make some test on 4760 reference
> board first, in AVT2 board, one BEN variant, we use a DC/DC converter for
> USB host power supply. SAKC use 4725, this chip has usb device only

Ah, I didn't know of the AVT2. Looks very nice !

> I like the idea of using a little MCU so, the people can create different
> interfaces, push buttons, capacitive, etc, so we must provide 3 or 4 lines
> for ISP.

If you make it one of the Silicon Labs C8051F3xx USB chips, you could
even integrate IDBG functionality (and have yet another USB port :-)
Reset out would have to be gated, e.g., through a 74x1G125, to prevent
an MCU gone wild from permanently resetting the CPU.

- Werner

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