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Thu Jul 15 10:34:21 EDT 2010

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 08:46:21AM -0500, Carlos Camargo wrote:
> I think that in the point 1 there is a missing feature: You can use
> privative (expensive, closed) software for design entry, you can release the
> design files, but you need to pay a big amount of money for the software and
> then you can modify the design files. Is important the use of open software
> tools like kicad, or geda for design entry. if not, only big companies can
> modify the design files.

I think this also happen in the FLOSS side (note the O of Open),
thats why free sofware is not the same open source in wich freedom
is not the goal at all :/

> Another topic is the hardware cost, you can release a hardware project that
> use 12 layer PCB, restricted ICs (some ICs are sold in big quantities, you
> must sign a NDA, you must pay for use it, etc), complicated and expensive
> mounting techniques. I think that is necessary create a "level of freedom",
> of course if you have money you can reproduce anything, but again, just few
> people can modify and reproduce the design. Imagine this situation in SW, if
> the people need to pay a lot of money for modify a SW project, just few
> people wuld be part of FOSS initiative . The level of freedom is related
> with the hardware cost, and this cost increase with the complexity and with
> the proximity to the silicon, I mean, you can modify one IC, but is very
> expensive, you can modify a laptop main board but is expensive. The
> manufacture cost vary from country to country, so is necessary take account
> of the prices of the manufacturing process in this classification.

DiY?  Do it Together !

I think hardware in some levels will require people support in group  and then
deal with industry, thats why i see so important the role of Sharism in the manufacturing
process of hardware freedom


cristian paul
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