Open Hardware Creative Commons Draft

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien.bourdeauducq at
Thu Jul 15 12:28:29 EDT 2010

On Thursday 15 July 2010 15:46:21 Carlos Camargo wrote:
> Another topic is the hardware cost, you can release a hardware project that
> use 12 layer PCB, (...) complicated and expensive mounting techniques.

If we take those into account, the whole open hardware thing will be limited 
to 1. low-tech stuff and/or 2. using proprietary pre-built modules (the 
Arduino is a good example of these two points).

There should be no limit whatsoever on the technical level of open hardware 
projects. Otherwise, it'll either remain something 3 nerds do in their garage 
or something heavily depending on proprietary modules (by "module", I also 
mean ICs beyond a certain level of integration).

> You can use
> privative (expensive, closed) software for design entry, you can release
> the design files, but you need to pay a big amount of money for the
> software and then you can modify the design files. Is important the use of
> open software tools like kicad, or geda for design entry.

Of course, it's better to use open tools, however, it should be allowed to 
make a compromise in order to allow for greater technical advancement of the 
overall project. Let's face it, today Kicad and gEDA suck when you compare 
them to Protel and PADS.


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