The tiling problem

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 15 18:52:00 EDT 2010

By the way, has anyone solved the problem of the Ben falling over
when fully reclined ?

I put some counterweights on the bottom of the keyboard, and it
reaches balance around 4 g or about 2.5 mNm, but it doesn't feel
really stable until I put around 10 g or 6.5 mNm. 10 g is also the
point where it reaches balance without battery.

To make it stand up after tilting, a pile of about 25 g is needed.

There is some room in the bottom shell, below the battery, to put
a counterweight, but it would have to weigh about 20 g for the
same effect. That's roughly 1.8 cm^3 of lead. There should be
enough room for this, but it would have to be shaped to fit.

A deluxe edition with the bottom shell made of steel or tin would
also solve the problem nicely ;-)

Any better ideas ?

- Werner

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