IDBG - any suggestions ?

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jul 16 08:51:49 EDT 2010

Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> I already sold two IDBG for the jlime meeting :D

Excellent !

> And more good news, it seems that Miriam would do the 
> solderings.. so better: I can drink the beer while others work ;-))

I can see a prosperous career ahead of you :-)

> I am not sure how to do the holes yet (for the usb connector), but maybe,
> could you give us some tips to do that (a little risky) task?.

It's basically trial and error. You attach IDBG with adhesive tape
to the speaker, then try to put the board into the Ben. Of course,
it won't go in, because the connector is hitting some plastic. Then
you remove a bit of that plastic and try to fit the board again.
Repeat until it goes in.

The area at the bottom is a little trickier, because you don't see
things hitting each other. You'll just notice that the board isn't
entirely flat. So you make more room for the connector until it is.

> I just read "Cutting the hole is a process of trial and error and
> requires some patience." and I saw your carefulness work making the holes,
> so I am a little worried to learn that before the meeting.

Once I have the next board revision ready, we can make an install
session. One problem is that I only have one case to play with (I
have other plans for my second Ben), so I can either demonstrate
how I do the excavation, or Miriam can directly go ahead and try.
It's not terribly difficult - I got it right the first time with
Wolfgang's Ben.

- Werner

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