3D Scanning

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Jul 16 15:31:22 EDT 2010

James Xakh Lynch wrote:
> Being able to read the microsd is really cool, but I'm just after a
> composite scan of the whole nn,

One of the reasons why I'm doing multiple scans of the same item
is that, this way, I have to fiddle with mounting, placement and
coordinate range only once.

> and with what I need it for, a 1mm scan
> would do fine. You think you could focus on that soon, so I have somethin to
> play around with?

I've postponed the completion of the ill-fated 100 um scan to
run a coarse scan (1 mm and 500 um) on the PCB and on the inside
of the bottom shell. I'll need these to determine the clearance
for a counterweight.

That's for Ben #2, which I've taken apart and where I'll install
IDBG and hopefully the counterweight during the weekend.

Unless Lluis beats me to it, I'll then proceed with the
systematic scans of Ben #1 that's still in pristine condition,
and eventually start taking it apart as well. One problem with
the plastic case is that there a lot of tiny and fragile parts
that break off easily and whose absence may affect the overall
shape. Therefore, I don't want to take chances by jumping ahead
to a more disassembled state before finishing the earlier steps.

I put some of the planned scans on

So I won't have a complete set of scans for all the pieces for a
while, but if there are one or two things you need urgently, I
can try to sneak them in. Please let me know what exactly you

By the way, does anyone know how to non-destructively separate
the main shell from the LCD shell ? I managed to pop off the
caps on the right side, but the metal piece forming the hinge
doesn't look easy to remove. Any ideas ?

- Werner

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