Open Hardware Creative Commons Draft

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jul 16 15:42:23 EDT 2010

jon at wrote:
> This is not acceptable. Free Software should run on Free Hardware.
> Translation: Copyleft Software should run on Copyleft Hardware.

Please be careful. If you prefix it with "This is not acceptable",
the second sentence assumes the meaning of "Free Software must run
(exclusively) on Free Hardware."

Since there is very little Free Hardware today, this would amount
to you telling most people not to use Free Software either. I'm not
sure if it would be worse if they actually heeded your advice or if
they simply decide you're one of those zealots and choose to ignore
you henceforth, no matter how reasonable your other arguments may

A gentler approach would be to a) make people understand that is it
desirable to use Free Hardware, even if acting on that desire may
not be possible at the time, and of course b) work towards creating
choices to run Free Software also on Free Hardware. Having done a)
first, b) will fall on more fertile ground, too.

- Werner

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