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Quoting Maxim:
"There are many commercially available IF-to-baseband IC solutions for GPS Applications, and many companies
have opted to design their own proprietary ASICs, but lack an RF-to-IF front end for downconverting the
transmitted GPS frequency to a low-IF frequency. Maxim has produced several RF ICs that have proved an
excellent choice for accomplishing these tasks."

As i understand there is other long road (ADC + Signal Processing + Caculations)
to get  a fixed location, but having this ICs [1][2] is intereting to look at it i think
at least from my source of information [4].

As far i understanding is the nearest starting point as compared to Hoperf traceivers and
trying to have our own radio stack. from RF.

Is not a working noe solution also  asked to maxim and the mencioned kit is not been sold any more..

Cristian Paul Peñaranda

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