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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Jul 17 05:21:54 EDT 2010


> Also, question about the DSC. Just conjecture, and I know very little
> about DSC, but what would it take to get a small little DSC optics to
> fit into something like the Ben? Something like the 8963. Also, how
> possible to drive something like this to freedom?

OK one by one. The 'drive IC' is the little chip (typically COG =
chip on glass) that is right on the side of the actual TFT glass. This is
about displaying stuff on a screen, not about taking pictures.

Driving a drive IC to freedom is probably one of the much higher hanging
fruits, so I don't see the need to do that soon, if ever. There are so
much more valuable targets first, like the Milkymist project (free CPU), etc.

I don't know much about 'DSC optics', I assume you mean the lens and
underlying CMOS sensor? But actually, good news :-) Andres works on
his camera project (merger between Milkymist and Elphel), and I have
just scheduled a visit to in Fuzhou on Monday.
Andres gave me a bunch of questions :-)
This will not result in 'DSC optics' however, we are first looking into
standard C/CS mount lenses and optics. I would think that DSC optics
are just customized/more integrated versions of the same stuff though,
physics is still physics. The same is probably true for the even more
integrated camera modules typically found in smartphones.

So we start with the big/standard C/CS mount stuff, then work ourselves
down into the more integrated optics.
I will try to send a meaningful report about my Azure Photonics visit...

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