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Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jul 17 06:34:03 EDT 2010

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> *) main customers are CPT, HSD, CMI (Chimei and Innolux merged into CMI)
> *) Innolux tries to control the market and sells very selectively, others
>    sell to the open market

... and CMI is continuing Innolux' quest for domination ? By the
way, TPI of Openmoko fame have also been absorbed by CMI. From

| - once upon a time, there were Royal Philips' Mobile Display Systems (MDS),
|   Hong Kong, and Toppoly in Taiwan
| - MDS merged in 2006 with Toppoly to become TPO Displays Corporation
| - In 2010, TPO Displays Corporation merged with Chi Mei Optoelectronics
|  and became Chimei Innolux Corporation

> or to quickly find other LCM modules

Did you get any suggestions ? I understand that display size in the
NanoNote is vertically limited, but a slightly wider screen would
be nice.

- Werner

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