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Excellent. This is the brain dump and email I wanted to see. So best
option is focus on the merger between milkymist + elphel :) and go
big, then integrate smaller over time...folks, this is some slowfi
thinking, but we have to if we want freedom inside :)


On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 2:21 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Jon,
>> Also, question about the DSC. Just conjecture, and I know very little
>> about DSC, but what would it take to get a small little DSC optics to
>> fit into something like the Ben? Something like the 8963. Also, how
>> possible to drive something like this to freedom?
> OK one by one. The 'drive IC' is the little chip (typically COG =
> chip on glass) that is right on the side of the actual TFT glass. This is
> about displaying stuff on a screen, not about taking pictures.
> Driving a drive IC to freedom is probably one of the much higher hanging
> fruits, so I don't see the need to do that soon, if ever. There are so
> much more valuable targets first, like the Milkymist project (free CPU), etc.
> I don't know much about 'DSC optics', I assume you mean the lens and
> underlying CMOS sensor? But actually, good news :-) Andres works on
> his camera project (merger between Milkymist and Elphel), and I have
> just scheduled a visit to in Fuzhou on Monday.
> Andres gave me a bunch of questions :-)
> This will not result in 'DSC optics' however, we are first looking into
> standard C/CS mount lenses and optics. I would think that DSC optics
> are just customized/more integrated versions of the same stuff though,
> physics is still physics. The same is probably true for the even more
> integrated camera modules typically found in smartphones.
> So we start with the big/standard C/CS mount stuff, then work ourselves
> down into the more integrated optics.
> I will try to send a meaningful report about my Azure Photonics visit...
> Wolfgang
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