3D Scanning

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Jul 22 19:53:44 EDT 2010

nebajoth wrote:
> This is pretty interesting.  The potential of this step blows my mind.

It's indeed quite nice. I'm now using some of the data to design a
counterweight. There are some things that are difficult to estimate
without a full 3D model, e.g., the vertical separation between
different parts, and non-local differences (which are affected by
the device being scanned not being perfectly aligned with the
coordinate system.)

Also, the 0.5 mm X/Y resolution is just at the edge of being usable,
and I have to allow for wide tolerance because of it. 0.1 mm scans
are definitely a must for precise work.

In any case, it certainly beats the usual caliper-assisted
guesswork :-)

Now, if I could just get HeeksCAD to run, so that I don't have to
generate those toolpaths myself ...

- Werner

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