revisiting the 434 MHz band

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Jul 22 23:54:15 EDT 2010


> I guess for this to happen, someone would have to find a WLAN
> module or chipset Wolfgang likes :)

Come on, don't hide behind me. I have a sweet and beautiful Atheros
SD-25 Wi-Fi SD development board here right in front of me, with an AR6102
module on it. Ron would love it. I was thinking about throwing it into your
gift box. I also got some GPL sources (ahem). It's a continuation of their
earlier AR6K drivers...
Then I said "NO! I will not send this to Werner. It's not right to torture
someone, especially after fantastic asados... At least before he was paid
for this ... shit, and now?"

Let's try to find a better solution, one that we all like :-)

I keep reading more about SiGe Semiconductor, Can you check
their ICs and modules a bit?
For WLAN, it seems they have a number of products

My naive idea is that this would be a 'low level' way to get Wi-Fi into our
products, of course the protocol/stack would be missing initially.
What do you think?

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