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Ignacio García Pérez iggarpe at
Fri Jul 23 05:15:01 EDT 2010

The pixhawk uses the MT9V032, and I've had to interface it in the last
months to a TI OMAP3 processor. Don't know if it would be suitable to your
needs. I went with that one because:

1- 60 fps (nice for artificial vision apss).
2- CLCC package I can solder by hand.
3- Available from Farnell, DigiKey, etc, not as expensive as higher
resolution sensors.
4- Got the full datasheet (supposedly confidential and only available under

AFIK there's no kernel driver for it, and mine is specific to the OMAP3
camera interface. However, if you have coded already for the ingenic camera
interface, the hard part would be the I2C sensor initialization commands,
which I can provide.

2010/7/23 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>

> Jon,
> > What uses do you have in mind for this?
> Andres since renamed this project to Xué. I think many details are still
> emerging, we all don't know and it depends on what people think, what kind
> of contribution they can make, and where we collectively take this project.
> What do we have today?
> Andres is interested in cameras built out of free technology for years. He
> is thinking about applications in security cameras, or traffic control
> applications, also as a business model for their company
> When I did the Milkymist presentation in Bogota, Andres saw an opportunity
> to build an entirely fpga-based camera by reusing the Milkymist SoC.
> Maybe as a first goal we should just try to make a proof-of-concept board
> (no enclosure), as affordable as possible? So basically that would be along
> the lines of Andres block diagram?
> Maybe 1 CMOS is enough, and maybe it doesn't need to be 5 megapixel right
> away? I think the board can have a simple M12 mount and we can find a
> nice megapixel board lense for 10-20 USD.
> The most important thing now on my end is to learn more about CMOS
> sensors and lenses. If anybody can contribute more CMOS sensors here in
> the wiki that would be great:
> What else? Which application do you think we should do first?
> I guess I just want a camera to replace my Canon Ixus, mobile, cheap, maybe
> power it with a large USB solar panel power supply :-) I could imagine
> marketing that as well...
> Wolfgang
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