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Hi Wolfgang

> The LCM connector points inwards, so the LCM is above the PCB. If we ship
> the set, we will just put both pieces (PCB and LCM) into the box, but how
> can it be assembled and used practically?

SAKC is a base board, so, if you want to use it is necessary make a daughter
board, my students this academic period will design some of this boards for
some applications. If we change the LCD connector Orientation we need a big
case for the final product. I think in this architecture:

====================  Daughter board
|                                                   |
|                                                   |    Spacers
|                                                   |
====================      SAKC

You are putting a little plastic envelope under LCM to avoid short
> circuits,

is that what we want? Should we include some kind of system to attach
> the LCM above the PCB and keep it at distance?

If the user don't want to build a daughter board, is possible design an
acrylic "tape" for the LCD and fixed it with  and use some spacers for
mechanical stability.

In your design, it looks like the LCM will be right above the main header
> coming out from the FPGA - where people will hookup/solder their wires and
> modules to. Is that on purpose?\

No, if you move the LCD, the main connector is available, let me upload a
new photo


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