SACK V2 test

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I've upload another picture, you can see that the LCD and the main connector
doesn't overlap.

I'll design a single  acrylic base for the LCD, and fix it to SAKC board
using spacers and the four SAKC's holes


On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 10:13 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>wrote:

> Carlos,
> > One SAKC photo showing the LCD circuit
> >
> Nice picture! Actually it also shows one of the questions I have right now:
> The LCM connector points inwards, so the LCM is above the PCB. If we ship
> the set, we will just put both pieces (PCB and LCM) into the box, but how
> can it be assembled and used practically?
> You are putting a little plastic envelope under LCM to avoid short
> circuits,
> is that what we want? Should we include some kind of system to attach
> the LCM above the PCB and keep it at distance? Should the LCM connector
> point outwards (away from the board)?
> In your design, it looks like the LCM will be right above the main header
> coming out from the FPGA - where people will hookup/solder their wires and
> modules to. Is that on purpose?
> Wolfgang
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