Wiring SE4120L to Xburst [Update]

cristian paul peñaranda rojas paul at kristianpaul.org
Sat Jul 24 21:33:21 EDT 2010

In order to go a step further in the way of getting a open stack GPS implemented
on the nanonote i will like to comment what i have i mind (wich surelly i let something pass),
about using a the GNSS Receiver SE4120L.

After asking Carlos Carmago, it is clear that we can just use 2 GPIO pins on the nanote (me was thinkign 3),
and this pins are free and well documented on SAKC project. so comunication bus is loable and power as well.

Now is missing a floss sofware able to decode the RAW gps data, so far RTKLIB [1] seems an interesting library.

Also seems required take a look a at:

   "RTCM 10402.3 RTCM Recommended Standards for Differential GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) Service, Version 2.3"

But this is 60Usd publication... :/

I also discover that the SE4120L [2] seems to be the same  UBX-G0011 [3] , i got to that because block diagram, maybe is not a real proof but.. :)

There is a propietary sofware called Yuma [4] used to decode raw gps data and geotagging.. so here is when the aplications storm ideas began.

In the other side i found too a project called OSGRS [5] not sure yet how it will help but deservers take a look

Other links to look at:


I also must ask cause i'm not aware of, if there is SE4120L already made board outhere?
It will help as starting point for sofware testing/development

Thats all for now, hoping this will both help and be criticied too ;)


[1] http://gpspp.sakura.ne.jp/rtklib/rtklib.htm
[2] http://www.u-blox.com/en/gps-chips/capture-a-process-chips/ubx-g0011-rf-frontend-for-capture-and-process.html 
[3] http://sige.com/files/DST-00065_SE4110S_Brief_Rev_5p3_May-25-2009.pdf
[4] http://www.gmat.unsw.edu.au/snap/work/osgrs.htm
[5] http://www.u-blox.com/en/gps-solutions/yuma.html
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