Xue: open source reconfigurable network camera

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Sun Jul 25 10:59:47 EDT 2010


> Galaxycore seems to be a very interesting new player. The growth of
> its market share has been amazing.

Yes they are Chinese - it seems they mostly have low-end sensors right now
though. And on their homepage, they cannot repeat often enough how proud
they are of the many patents in their sensors. Makes me wonder who is
actually attracted by that?

We won't make our own copyleft CMOS image sensors anytime soon, let's
free the stuff above that first, so yes, if Galaxycore has good enough
quality sensors why not. We need to look into availability though.
Does Galaxycore publish usable datasheets?

I would probably feel better to go with one of the big established names
first, like Aptina/Samsung/Omnivision? Or a smaller Japanese company if
they have something very attractive, especially on the openness side.

We'll keep learning...

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