SACK V2 test

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Jul 27 09:08:13 EDT 2010


> How much the 32 MBytes  SDRAM?

I think it's around 2 USD. Carlos already told me that on all SAKC so far
only the first 32 MB are actually used since we use the normal Ben NanoNote
kernel. That's a pretty good proof that we don't totally need 64 MB RAM at
this point, and Carlos agrees that we produce SAKC with 32 MB SDRAM for the
time being.

> The FPGA is by far the most expensive component, can be replaced by
> XC3S100E or XC3S250E?

We will try to find cheaper sources, but for now we put the price in we got
from the official distributor. Whether we can change to other cheaper FPGAs
is up to you guys. I think we can leave the current one for now. How many
gates are really needed?


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