What software ports are really missing?

jirka jirka at penguin.cz
Thu Jul 8 03:03:49 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I have a question: what software is still have to be ported to our little
What do you need? I mean ports to the OpenWRT distribution.

I have tried to port several things with limited success. 
Maybe you will want some of them (I can try to port them once more). 
Here is the list (in random order):

- nut (nutrition manager) - it compiles (with warning about COPTS) 
  but it doesn´t run ("Segmentation fault.")
- calc (arbitrary precision calculator - you may know the "apcalc" 
  package in Debian) - it doesn't compile
- links 2.3 web browser - the white screen (of death...) in the graphical
  the text mode is ok (I can provide Makefile and IPK for text-only
"links" - it 
  works better than elinks, BTW)
- gnuplot - unable to build package but binary can be compiled 
  (there is no mode for DirectFB; possibly the GGI can be used 
  but it will require more work)
- todo.sh (see todotxt.com - it's a simple but neat personal task manager)

  works but have to be packaged (the bash and the real "sed" are needed)
- charm (LiveJournal/Blogger/... command line interface) - seems to work 
  but it have to be packaged (it's a Python script)
- clex (one-window file manager) - it requires a curses library 
  with support of wide characters (?)
- groff (GNU version of the roff, troff, nroff - it's needed for viewing 
  of man pages and it can be used for old-school typesetting) - it have 
  to be packaged (a distribution of this thing have to include a lot of
- ctopy (C to Python translator) - honestly, I newer tried to run this
- snownews (RSS feed reader) - some libraries are required to be ported
- yapet (password manager) - some functions are missing in the OpenSSL
library in OpenWRT

I personally miss a good file browser/manager (the Midnight Commander is
OK, but it 
doesn't fit to NanoNote's small screen - only a small parts of file names
are visible 
and so on). 

Best regards,
Jiri Brozovsky (jirka)

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