Current uses of Ben NanoNote?

jirka jirka at
Thu Jul 8 15:16:32 EDT 2010

Hello all,

But how you are using your Bens? Do you are using them of daily basis?
And what applications you are using?

Jiri Brozovsky (jirka)

P.S. I use my Ben as a PIM tool (calendars - Remind, GCal, and for
as a dictionary (sdcv), for writing of short texts and notes (vim), for
(less, catdoc, Links, nupdf, reader.nge), for viewing images (imgv) and
maps (imgv, 
NanoMap) and sometimes for small programming and as a calculator (bc,
Mathomatic, sc). 
Sometimes I use it  also for an e-mail (mutt/msmtp) and for www access (to
wikipedia, public transport data, weather) both with USB and WiFi (Links,
and Surfraw).

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