U-Boot crashes when trying to boot microSD-card

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at sharism.cc
Thu Jul 8 21:34:58 EDT 2010

Hi David

On 07/08/2010 05:20 AM, David Kuehling wrote:
> Unfortunately the kernel then complains about "no init found".  Guess it
> couldn't properly mount the debian root file system (mmc support is in a
> module?)  But that's a completely different problem.  Maybe I'll have to

the problem is kernel can not find the [/etc/preinit]. our kernel will only
check the [/etc/preinit].

so try to [ln -s /sbin/init /etc/preinit] in your sd card. then try again.

> solder a serial adapter after all.  The boot logo makes it impossible to
> see any more of the boot log.
> Well, I guess I could still boot Debian by overwriting openwrt's
> /bin/init with a shell script that chroots and execs the debian init.
sound good, we can try this :). by modify /etc/preinit.

>> This weekend I installed Debian Squeeze on an SD-card, by running the
>> Debian installer via chroot out of the openwrt system.

can you write down the steps you install Debian on an SD-card. I want learn.
I don't know how to install Debian via chroot.


Best Regards
Xiangfu Liu

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