What software ports are really missing? (HNB port attached...)

jirka jirka at penguin.cz
Fri Jul 9 03:08:53 EDT 2010

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the customised .hnbrc file.

The Calcurse will not be so easy as it requests too much space
(the screen width must be at least 60 characters to make it usable).

I tried to run the Calcurse on my Nanonote (via ssh) - see the screenshot.

Jiri Brozovsky

On Thu, 8 Jul 2010 18:10:28 -0700 (PDT), mark adrian bell

> Thanks - that's brilliant! HNB needs just slightly more space than our
> console provides, but it's still quite usable. My number one wish for
> NN right now is for a slightly smaller console font. No need to go 80
> columns, but slightly smaller would be good. Then we could use programs
> like Calcurse:
> http://culot.org/calcurse/
> I've modified the HNB config file .hnbrc to reduce the amount of
> indentation (frees up more screen space) and fix a couple of
> Press f3 to insert a node under the current node at the same level.
> Press f4 to delete a node
> - mark
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