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Mon Jul 12 06:21:48 EDT 2010

Hey all,

just for expleanation from my side:

the problem with qt4 is, that it's building host and target stuff at
once - no way of disconnecting them without patching the src heavily...

As we don't need to have host-builds (moc, uic, rcc, etc.) on the target
(as they're compiled for the host and just needed there) - however
they're needed on the host at build-time - we need to move these
host-binaries to a location on the host, which is in $PATH, so they're
callable at build-time.

That's what Niels did in his patch for the qt4-Makefile of OpenWrt.

I'm testing it currently and if everything works well, it's getting
committed to the official openwrt-repository this evening - Niels,
thanks a lot!



On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 11:48 +0200, Niels Kummerfeldt wrote:
> Hi,
> I updated the patch. It now sets the correct paths to the qt4-dev-tools (moc, 
> uic and rcc) in the mkspec. Qt4 still compiles here, but please test is 
> yourself too.
> Niels
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