Current uses of Ben NanoNote?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Mon Jul 12 11:28:16 EDT 2010


> I have uploaded some screenshots (the Mathomatic and the Mutt screenshots
> are newly created, the rest is identical to my flickr page).

I saw the new ones, but not the old ones?
So I went ahead and copied the ones from your flickr page over, see
Strangely the Stardict PNG had heavy distortions, I just ended up uploading
the JPG variant instead. Also on flickr I noticed some screenshots had quite
different colors between the PNG and JPG versions, although I didn't see that
on the GUI screenshot (gmenu2x), only the console screenshots.

Anyway, all should be uploaded in the wiki now, if you have more screenshots
of apps please share - I want to put them together into a nice illustrated
app directory...


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