OH Photovoltaic Charger

Marco Castorina marco.castorina at yahoo.it
Sun Jul 18 05:55:43 EDT 2010

Hi all,
 it's nice to see such an active and proposing community,
I think that what will bring this project further is the open-
discussion that wouldn't be possible in a "classic" company.

I have something to propose as well: what I really miss
for my laptop is a photovoltaic charger that would allow
me to use it in parks or open air in general (my laptop's
battery lasts only two hours). This is not a problem with
the Ben, as, from what I read, it lasts one day no problem.

But what about those places around the world that doesn't
have easy access to electricity (both developing countries
and remote regions such as mountains)? I thought then
that an Open Hardware photovoltaic charger could do the
job, making the NN more eco-friendly and allowing almost
everyone on earth to use it.

Just my two cents.


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