GForth ported to nanonote

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Jul 27 04:41:17 EDT 2010


> I haven't fully understood yet how the package/feed stuff is working in
> openwrt.  But if you put this somewhere into the
> repositories, would be great to have commit access (preferably SVN) to
> keep it up-to-date.  

The GForth OpenWrt Makefile would live in the openwrt-packages repository
until it gets merged upstream. That is a git repository already, no svn.

You created an account on already - good!
I added you as a project member to both openwrt-packages and openwrt-xburst,
so you can commit into those repositories after registering your public key.

If you want to host an entire source tree on the qi server, we can set it
up as an svn repository. But I think GForth probably already has an
upstream location, and the only thing we want to add on our side is the
packaging information inside OpenWrt, which then hopefully can go upstream.

Thanks for the good work!

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