multitasking: music with dosbox

Magnus Bergman magnusbe at
Tue Jul 27 09:39:04 EDT 2010

On Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:16:32 +0300
jussi <haverinen.jussi at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> First post here: I've seen gmenu2x used to launch programs and
> openwrt running shell, but I'm not sure if you can multitask with
> gmenu.  So is it possible to run GMU with dosbox when launched from
> gmenu or do you have to use shell? I've used gmenu before on gp2x
> (klikklak on the forums, hi all), but I don't think it had any
> provisions for multitasking.

It seems that gmenu2x isn't made for multitasking. There is an option
to launch an application without exiting gmenu2x which might be
intended for multitasking. But at least I haven't managed to get it to
do anything useful yet.

> Also I'm guessing SDL runs on framebuffer/svga lib, it's been years
> since I used it, was it possible to use other virtual consoles when
> something graphical was running? 

Yes, it runs on the framebuffer. It sure is possible, but it requires
the applications to behave. They must request signals to be invoked then
their virtual console becomes active/inactive and stop drawing to the
framebuffer accordingly. They must also provide some means for the user
to switch virtual console somehow. I'm not sure if SDL does all this
automatically or if it requires a slight effort from the applications
in question.

> So simply: can I run dosbox with GMU?

In theory: absolutely. But in reality: probably not without some work.
I guess gmenu2x needs to be reworked (or even replaced) to handle
multitasking gracefully. GMU might need some minor changed too.

> Also how is the mouse emulation done on dosbox (+´others)?

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