Gforth update

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sat Jul 31 12:36:34 EDT 2010


the state of the Gforth port has matured in the last days.  Interpreter
startup time got down to 0.2 seconds (it now boots from an image that is
created during installation).

Up-to-date .ipkg package can be grabbed from .

Shared libraries symbols can be used from within Gforth using open-lib
and lib-sym.  I created a simple call-wrapper that allows doing C ABI
library calls (using Forth's integrated assembler).  This I used to
create a simple Linux frame buffer library, plus a demonstration program
that draws a Mandelbrot fractal.

Forth source code is available here:

Just put the 4 *.fs source files onto the nanonote, and run gforth like

  gforth-fast ./mandelbr.fs

to draw a mandelbrot fracal.  A screenshot is here:

No need to use a cross compiler for nanonote hacking :)


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