Milkymist One PCB RC1 is back

Adam Wang adam at
Tue Jun 1 05:10:15 EDT 2010


The Milkymist One PCB[1][2] is back, this is based on our pcb
engineering checklist form[3]. The pcb maker is New Heart
Corporation[4]. Firstly I requested a "dark brown color" hopefully,
well this color is not the standardized one in their line. They have
red, and blue color for standard and others in extra paid. Surely
still can request dark brown color in more extra money. I didn't do
that cause they didn't need to change their normal line back again.
You can check their web site for more details.

The cost is:
a) one set of 10 is about USD 844. with extra 2 RD Solderability
samples, including QA Outgoing inspection report, micro section
b) misted black color is extra USD31.
c) an extra item about Impedance test on trace simulation & implement. USD 188.
    this item is to make sure the results of Impendance[7]. Need to
introduce this more in wiki.
d) working days: I sent out gerber on May 19, engineering confirmation
emails back and forth done on May 22. May 24 starts to produce.
Shipped to us on May 31. So same they said to me about one week
(actually working days not includes weekend).

Next we're going for the smt small runs one week later. The smt
factory[5] agreed us that we can take pics & videos whatever I want.
Their web server is under maintenance. So far we have good connection
with them locally. Which means an introduction of process for smt &
dip will come soon.
BTW, I need to update a high-quality bare PCB shots soon.


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