Audio settingns for next release.

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Wed Jun 2 21:46:00 EDT 2010

On 06/03/2010 04:04 AM, David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
> Just a point for next Image release, remember to put audio settings on
> and full thottle ;)

Hi Mirko Vogt

we can creat a '/etc/asound.state' in office release.
when snd module load run: 'alsactl restore', before device shutdown
we can run 'alsactl store' to save the volume configure.

I just don't know how to configure the hotplug to run 'alsactl restore' after
soc_snd_qi_lb60 load

learning openwr hotplug2 system.

how about put files[1] in version control?


Best Regards
Xiangfu Liu

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