Questions about FPGA

Sébastien Bourdeauducq sebastien.bourdeauducq at
Fri Jun 4 10:32:25 EDT 2010

On Tuesday 01 June 2010 10:33:16 Gladys Gladys wrote:
> I just have a CMOS sensor with demo board, but I don't have the FPGA. Is
> there any way I can test my Verilog code to make sure if it satisfies my
> purpose? I am using ModelSim to do some simulation but I don't think it
> works as I don't have realtime image output from sensor.

You obviously need to find a way to get the sensor output into your testbench. 
The VPI (Verilog Procedural Interface) could be a way to achieve this. You can 
check out the TMU2 testbench from Milkymist for an example of how to use the 
VPI (it uses it to read and write PNG images).

> Another question is should the image processing be done after I store each
> frame of image in the memory? Or it's done simultaneously when FPGA
>  receives the images?

That's up to you. Make a reasonable choice taking into account memory 
bandwidth and latency, FPGA resource usage and performance.


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