JLiMe MuffinMan Beta Release

Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer.ericson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 07:17:27 EDT 2010


We are _proud_ to announce the beta testing of the JLime userland "Muffinman".
http://jlime.com/mw4/index.php/Jlime_Muffinman for the Qi-hardware Ben Nanonote handheld.

Its still in development (and thus can change abit in coming weeks), but it is
considerd useful for the average user/developer.
This release is intended to be put on an micro-sd card (Not NAND, although it might work fine).
The goodies included are among others:
Bash, Vim, Micro-emacs, Mplayer, Xorg interface, Fbdev, Abiword, opkg package management
and loads of more stuff.
Is available at http://jlime.com/downloads/repository/muffinman/ipk/
contains 14000+ packages (1,5 GB)
Its based on kernel 2.6.34 (from qi-kernel git, branch jz-2.6.34), this
combined with our muffinman-image.bb file for OpenEmbedded.

Feedback and Bugreporting
To make feedback useful for us we ask that you read our wiki
(http://jlime.com) on howto install/setup/upgrade the userland.
Any problems should be emailed to our mailinglist
We would also appreciate if bugs were posted inside our bugtracker
If you just have suggestions or questions, please, use the forum for Muffinman:

This release wouldnt have been possible without the eager work of Rafael Zurita,
who is also the head maintainer.
This release is in no way affiliated with Qi-hardware. And as a distribution
it is used without any warranty.
Best wishes
The JLime Team

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