JLiMe MuffinMan Beta Release

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Mon Jun 14 09:32:14 EDT 2010

Kristoffer and JLiMe team,
wow congratulations!

> Its based on kernel 2.6.34 (from qi-kernel git, branch jz-2.6.34), this
> combined with our muffinman-image.bb file for OpenEmbedded.

So you are the first to release an image based on the 2.6.34 kernel, nice!
I'm assuming the JLiMe image can play patented codecs? I will post something
to the wiki and mailing list soon on how we (copyleft hardware manufacturers
and distributors) plan to handle this.

Congrats again for your work and hope there is a good JLiMe future on

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