keymouse Makefile and more need stuff (openwrt)

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Mon Jun 14 20:35:49 EDT 2010

Hi there,
the key mapping conf still to be done and it's too late night to test
, but I succesfully compile in OpenWRT the keymouse[1][2] and create a
package for uinput[3]
Please image mantainers take in account to  for the next image, and
test if it builds if you have some time, then we will have mouse
support on Ben :)

Due I don't know if the kernel modules can be managed trough custom
feeds , make the module selectable in make menuconfig and able to make
a installable ipkg  I directly edit packages/kernel/modules/
to add this :
define KernelPackage/input-uinput
  TITLE:=User lever driver support
  AUTOLOAD:=$(call AutoLoad,62,uinput)

define KernelPackage/input-uinput/description
  Kernel module for user level driver support

$(eval $(call KernelPackage,input-uinput))

Due we will change the kernel version on next release, I will be glad
if you include that module in the next version too.

[1] Makefile and patches

Any input or help in testing or doing the keymapping will be appreciated

My intention is to bind red arrow+arrow keys to mouse movements , red
arrow+enter to click, red arrow+space to right click, and red
arrow+vol up/down to mouse wheel
David Reyes Samblas Martinez
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