HopeRF feedback

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jun 22 17:08:33 EDT 2010

JDH services wrote:
> What is this 'protocol' you speak of?

Basically all the things these chips constrain. I.e., modulation,
frequencies, packet structure. I agree, "protocol" isn't a good
name for this, it's more a bag of building blocks that may or may
not be compatible with somebody else's bag of building blocks.

> How many Physical Layer dongles have you seen?

With the board you mentioned, that's already one and a half :-)

> http://www.moderndevice.com/products/jeelink-module-fully-assembled
> It even has a plastic case. only $36.50 USD

Nice ! And unlike Silabs, they also have a 868 MHz variant.

- Werner

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