HopeRF feedback

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Jun 24 10:56:36 EDT 2010

JDH services wrote:
> the Silicon labs RF layers aren't some industry's standard you find in
> tons and tons of products.

I actually do wonder how common they are. Of course, EZRadioPRO
already gets a black mark for not being compatible with any of
the PHYs currently specified for IEEE 802.15.4, which is the
basis for several RF protocol stacks.

> No one is going to mass produce a Silicon
> labs RF dongle and sell it directly to consumers..

Not to customers, but I could see a case for a programmable
dongle makers of RF sensor and such could use, particularly if
these sensors use an Si10xx and thus have the same MCU core as
Silab's dongle.

- Werner

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