Contributing with compiled packages

Jonathan Nieder jrnieder at
Sun Jun 27 22:09:03 EDT 2010

Hi again,

Magnus Bergman wrote:

> did you
> mean if it's ported to the openwrt build system and available in the
> main openwrt source repository? Then the answer is no, and I'm not
> prepared to do that extra work either. But I could send my patches to
> someone else who is, if that's the way it needs to be done.

Yes, that is what I meant.  You have done the hard work.  If I have
spare time (unlikely soon, sadly) I would be glad to work on
packaging.  Until then, it would be nice to find some place to put the
patches and build instructions, which brings us back to your original
question. :(

One option might be

And of course, other places might be appropriate, too, e.g. on the

> The thing is that while these two pieces of software are very well
> suited for the Nanonote (use low resolution, depend on a keyboard,
> works without a mouse), and my patches and compiled binaries are pretty
> much Nanonote specific. On most other openwrt xburst targets (I don't
> even know which devices that might be) they may not even make sense.

I meant the official nanonote image described at

Apologies for the lack of clarity.


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