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> 2010/6/28 Magnus Bergman <magnusbe at>:
> > On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:20:27 -0500
> > Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder at> wrote:
> >
> >> Magnus Bergman wrote:
> >>
> >> > I have compiled Sarien and FreeSCI to play my old Sierra
> >> > Adventure Games, and the Nanonote is really perfect for this
> >> > task.
> >>
> >> That’s awesome.
> >>
> >> Are they available as openwrt packages?  If not, I think that is
> >> the thing to do: see [1] for some examples.
> >
> > I made an ipk-package for Sarien (and will do the same for FreeSCI
> > as soon as I manage to fix a few Nanonote specific problems). Or
> > did you mean if it's ported to the openwrt build system and
> > available in the main openwrt source repository? Then the answer is
> > no, and I'm not prepared to do that extra work either. But I could
> > send my patches to someone else who is, if that's the way it needs
> > to be done.
> >
> >> Once they are included in openwrt, I think it might make sense to
> >> include them on the default image.
> >
> > The thing is that while these two pieces of software are very well
> > suited for the Nanonote (use low resolution, depend on a keyboard,
> > works without a mouse), and my patches and compiled binaries are
> > pretty much Nanonote specific. On most other openwrt xburst targets
> > (I don't even know which devices that might be) they may not even
> > make sense.
> Magnus , basically if you have the source url and the patches the work
> of port to openwrt or at least to qi-hardware repository of extra
> packages is almost done, just make this two pieces of
> information(source url and patches) aviable any place and me or or
> other openwrt "packager" will do the rest

Alright. The Sarien sources are available on sourceforge[1] and a patch
is attached.

It should be noted that Sarien is an interpreter for Sierra AGI[2]
games and is quite useless without the actual games. So I thought it
would not be entirely appropriate to include anything you effectively
have to pay to use in the default image. On the other hand where might
exist some fan made games which of some may be free (if just as in

The games are generally quite easy to come by, with a few exceptions.
Not long ago various collections containing some of the games were
still sold (perhaps they still are). Obtaining the games and
transferring them to the Nanonote would perhaps require a tutorial
itself since it sometimes require special hardware (5¼" floppy drive,
catweasel controller).

The needed setup might also require some explanation. First of all, to
even run on the Nanonote Sarien needs to be started with -S 1 (which
means not to scale up the graphics) and probably also -n to turn of the
annoying sound. Perhaps also -r 0 to turn off aspect ratio correction
(the original games used a resolution of 320x200), which I didn't think
was an improvement in this case. As an example my link to start Man
Hunter 2: San Francisco looks like this:

  title=Manhunter 2
  params=-n -r 0 -S 1 /card/games/agi/mhsf

In some versions of the games (especially the collections mentioned
earlier) icons are included which can easily be converted to be used in
gmenu2x (or any other program launcher), otherwise all icons are
available separately [3].

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