JLiMe MuffinMan Beta Release V2 (little update : poweroff working)

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rafaelignacio.zurita at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 09:16:09 EDT 2010


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 09:36:12PM -0400, nebajoth wrote:
> Hey Rafa,
> 	Do you have your alterations to JLiMe in a VCS anywhere?  I'd like to
> mimic your rootfs changes over in the Debian-on-Ben project, and a handy
> list of changes would be super nice. :D

Why no to use the imagination? :)
Sure man, all of our work has, at least, some documentation at :

We make the first rootfs using an OpenEmbedded .bb file:
Then, OE builds the rootfs with the next list of packages inside 
(from the .bb file): 

"base-files base-passwd console-tools \
madplay dhcpcd wget \
tar bzip2 gzip unzip unrar \
opkg opkg-collateral ncdu less \
alsa-utils-aplay alsa-oss alsa-conf alsa-conf-base alsa-lib \
e2fsprogs-e2fsck e2fsprogs-libs dropbear util-linux-ng-fdisk gdk-pixbuf gtk+\
xserver-kdrive-fbdev \
matchbox-common matchbox-desktop matchbox-themes-gtk \
matchbox-wm wmctrl prboom libxcursor xcursor-transparent-theme \
aalib cdparanoia directfb enca glib-1.2 gtk+-1.2 libfaac libice \
libiconv libjack jpeg libmad libmpcdec libogg libpng libsdl-x11 \
libsdl-gfx libsdl-image libsm speex libtheora tiff \
tslib libungif libuuid libx11 libxau libxdmcp zlib ncurses libsdl-ttf \
xmodmap dbus-x11 matchbox-desktop matchbox mrxvt \
freetype libmikmod libvorbis tremor"

Then, a script for our OE environment adds extra applications listed at:

You will find the packages and sources of those at :

The nice look and feel is a theme designed by Blizzard, a JLime developer.
He used already cool stuff (icons and art). You will find all the info 
and licenses of that art here :

We use unclutter to hide the cursor. The proper
thing to do is to use xcursor-transparent-theme, as Blizzard
explained/suggested. We will add that soon.

We wrote a fileselector (the application to choose files in video player),
and perhaps we will use it every time that the system needs to ask users
for a file.

We built the kernel like we explain here :
and using this config : 

For number keys we are using xmodmap, but we would like to find a better
way to set those.

Well, again, this is a work in progress, so all the above could change
if we decided/find better stuff to use.


Rafael Ignacio Zurita

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