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Tue Jun 29 12:31:46 EDT 2010

On Tuesday 29 June 2010, developer-request at wrote:

I think JLime is very interesting. It offers a lot more "user experience" than 
OpenWrt. So far, I got nothing to show off than a Doom (without sound) and a 
shell prompt.

I got a very early (13 Januari?) version of OpenWrt and tried updating to 
2010-06-15 OpenWrt using the SD method. Didn't boot in 5-10 mins. Made a 
proper SD card with 8 MB FAT and ext2, put the proper files there. Nothing. 
Card is ok, was recognized by OpenWrt and the FAT partition mounted 
under /card. Worked fine under the Big Machine too, mounted both fs.

I tried building the OpenWrt from git and it bombed out with a missing zImage. 
zImage? Why? Isn't uImage not good enough?

Then I heard Dingux executables work (mostly) out of the box. Can this be 
confirmed? And finally - and perhaps more importantly - I got several 
x-compilers working. Could the JLime toolchain produce proper executables for 
OpenWrt too?

I know, lots of questions. Got the beast only for a week.

Hans Bezemer

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